STEP's organizational chart provides a schematic representation of the stepped structure of the policy research center for test development and assessments. The supervisor-coordinator is responsible for the policy research center for test development and assessments, together with the other supervisors.The team leader is at the head of the research group. The team leader is supported by the project manager (financial administration), the valorisation employee and the ICT employee.Furthermore, STEP consists of four cells. First, the 'organizational unit' is responsible for all the practical and organizational tasks involved in the various phases of the assessment projects. Second, the cell 'test development' develops the tests and practical tests for each national assessment. Third, the main responsibility of the cell 'data analysis' is the analysis of the collected quantitative data. Fourth, the cell 'parallel tests and school feedback' is responsible for the school feedback for the national assessments and the parallel tests. This fourth cell works closely together with the University of Antwerp.