Policy research center for test development and assessments

Policy research centers are collaborations between universities and the Flemish government. The primary goal is to provide scientific support for public policy in a given domain. The policy research center for test development and assessments (STEP) is an inter-university cooperation between the KU Leuven and the University of Antwerp. The Flemish Ministry of Education and Training is the client of STEP. The management agreement of STEP runs from 2018 to 2022. STEP does not only carry out national assessments, but is also responsible for parallel tests.

The consultation with the client and the educational field mainly happens by means of two conference bodies. First, in the follow-up group the client and the education field are represented. There is a follow-up group for primary education and one for secondary education. They each meet four times a year. Second, the steering committee is responsible for policy decisions that relate to STEP. This committee meets three times each school year.