Expert groups

For each national assessment, an expert group is compiled with people from the educational field with expertise in the assessed learning domain or professional field. These expert groups include teachers, pedagogical counselors, members of the inspection, substantive experts and students. With these expert groups, STEP wants to let resonate the educational field in the different phases of each national assessment project.

Ongoing expert groups are:

Primary education:

  • Expert group Dutch
  • Expert group people & society
  • Expert group information acquisition and processing (IVV) & ICT
  • Expert group mathematics

Secundary education:

  • Expert group mathematics, 1st degree, A-track
  • Expert group mathematics, 1st degree, B-track
  • Expert group critical thinking and media (with additional assignment problem-solving), 3rd degree
  • Expert group PAV, 3rd degree, B-track

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